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Thoughts of a Filmmaker After the Dust has Settled

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times - Blog 3

Tonight we are screening our short film ‘Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times’ at the Prince Charles cinema, London.

We're expecting over 250 guests, all crew, cast, friends and family, and industry colleagues. It's nerve-wracking but also very exciting. We've come far in three months and I am very happy with what we have achieved. It’s a real privilege to bring so many people together in making this film and we wish it bon voyage and good luck as it sails off to festivals around the world.

We have not been too ‘strategic’ about which festivals we apply for. We want as many audiences to see this film and whilst some festivals are bigger than others – and are better known – an audience is the same the world over.

Here’s a video interview I made with Sophie (Producer) and Paulyne (Editor) about the importance of making short films and how it can re-energise you as a film maker.

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