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At Double M Films we understand how hard it can be to break into the UK film and television industries.

We also believe in supporting the next generation of filmmakers, and we champion an independent spirit and a pro-active approach to making film. We therefore thought we would share some of our hard-earned experience and give some small bits of advice. 

1) Don't give up

You only need one yes for everything to change so don't get dispirited by a no or a closed door.
Try again - your time will come. 

2) Keep learning

Whether you're a writer, director or cinematographer keep developing your skills. Write more, film more, see more, do more. 


Here are some links to courses, events and training opportunities:

3) Get your work seen


Let others read and see your work and take on board constructive feedback. Apply to script and film competitions which may help raise your profile and expand the audience of your work. Writing for theatre is also a great way into writing for film and TV. 


Here are some competitions and schemes that could help develop your career:

4) Make connections

We like making films and drama with people we value and respect so nurture successful creative relationships, do go for coffee, and invite people for a drink. If you particularly admire the work of someone else, get in touch to see if they would like to meet with you for a quick chat. You will be surprised at how your most important industry links and friendships are made - stay open minded, and always treat everyone as you would like to be treated. 

Here are some film communities you may like to join:

5) Do it your own way

Marcus and Andrew made their first feature film by being bold and adventurous and not conforming to the 'normal' ways of getting a film made and distributed. The success of Papadopoulos and Sons proves that thinking outside the box can make great things happen. 


Go to the following links to find out more about how Papa got made: 

A podcast with Chris Jones:


A Guardian article about how to self-distribute:

A complete breakdown of costs and sales of a £1 million budget movie:


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