Crazy Blue

A forgotten boy band star suffering a mid-life crisis is forced to re-evaluate his life choices when he takes in a rap-loving teenager and his rag tag family. Through this unexpected act of charity William finally finds the family he was missing, and learns that life can start again.  


Crazy Blue is an uplifting feature film celebrating unconventional family units and second chances. It is written by Marcus Markou, the filmmaker behind UK indie hit Papadopoulos and Sons. The script is in the final stages of development and we are currently attaching cast. 

In association with Movie Collective

Cohen and Cohan

Manny Cohen and Danny Cohan are a London based musical-comedy act whose lives are interrupted by the arrival of moving pictures. But when Manny's Uncle Max is killed in a racist attack, the pair decide to stop making comedy capers and try using cinema to create something more meaningful. 


Cohen and Cohan is a television series written by Neil Brand and Michael Eaton, and is an adaptation of their own radio play  Waves Breaking on a Shore. The series will be an energetic, moving, and musical exploration of early cinema's arrival in London during a period of growing xenophobia. 

In association with Movie Collective

Bucharest Bluff

Bucharest Bluff is a screwball comedy feature film about an uptight British Asian lawyer and an flamboyant Texan businessman flung together in Bucharest to make a big deal; when the laptop with their presentation is stolen they have to work together to get it back - chaos ensues. 

Bucharest Bluff explores the nature of family, friendship and modern masculinity. Bucharest Bluff is written by  Marcus Markou and Abraham Papacotsa. 

In association with Movie Collective

The Coach

The Coach is a feature film project that follows an embittered drama coach who is forced to change when he meets a genuine new acting talent. 

The film is about the restorative power of friendship. The Coach is written by Marcus Markou. 


Tumble is a comedy TV series following three brothers who are accidentally transported into modern day Britain from the year 1992. They discover their country falling apart and desperately try to return to their own time in the hope of saving the future. 


Using satire and dark-comedy Tumble explores the social and political concerns of the Brexit generation while presenting a heart-warming portrait of brotherhood. Tumble is co-written by critically acclaimed playwright Stephen Laughton and independent filmmaker Marcus Markou. 

Papadopoulos! - The Musical

Working alongside pop and rock music composer John Themis, we are developing the stage musical version of indie film hit Papadopoulos & Sons.


Papadopoulos! - The Musical is a heart-warming, funny and uplifting musical experience showing a family reconnecting, written by Marcus Markou. 

Details of further projects to follow soon. 

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