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The Wife And Her House Husband 

The Wife And Her House Husband is a two-hander micro-budget feature film about a couple reconnecting, during the process of divorce.  The film is a modern exploration of marriage, gender and what it really means to stay in love. 

The film was shot over the Summer of 2021 and will be having its World Premiere at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York in October 2022. For more information about the cast and crew check out the IMDB listing.

Ali’s English

Determined to be accepted in his new country, Ali, a Syrian refugee, haunted by childhood memories, refuses to speak the truth about Casey, a racist bully at his school in North Yorkshire. After a bullying incident goes viral and sparks national media outrage, the two teenagers unexpectedly find themselves becoming friends outside of school and in secret. However, in the end, only Ali can help unite a divided community by speaking his truth about the power of friendship in the face of prejudice.

Ali's English is based on Marcus Markou's award winning film Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times and unpacks similar themes of race and friendship.

Crazy Blue

A forgotten boy band star suffering a mid-life crisis is forced to re-evaluate his life choices when he takes in a rap-loving teenager and his rag tag family. Through this unexpected act of charity William finally finds the family he was missing, and learns that life can start again.  


Crazy Blue is an uplifting feature film celebrating unconventional family units and second chances. It is written by Marcus Markou, the filmmaker behind UK indie hit Papadopoulos & Sons. The script is in the final stages of development and we are currently attaching cast. 

Papadopoulos! - The Musical

Working alongside pop and rock music composer John Themis and theatre director Tania Azevedo, we are developing the stage musical version of indie film hit Papadopoulos & Sons. We staged a hugely successful industry workshop presentation of the show in November 2019.


The show is a heart-warming, funny and uplifting musical experience showing a family reconnecting.


Details of further projects to follow soon. 

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